A collection of family favorite recipes created or curated over the years.

Gyro MeatBy Rita's KitchenWe have made gyros using this method, and actually smoking a leg of lamb. It is a bit weird, but our preference is this method. Everyone in my family enjoyed this, including Steve, Joshua, Cassidy and the Weber family. And it is very easy! Always a bonus!
Tzatziki (Yogurt-Cucumber Dip)By Rita's KitchenThe story behind this recipe is that my husband used to frequent a Greek restaurant called Mykonos in downtown Wiesbaden. He would order dark bread and tzatziki as an appetizer. It was difficult to find a recipe that was close to the flavor and quality, and this is the best he has found to date. I tweaked this recipe to add lemon juice, sea salt, mint (optional). I believe it made it even better. Of course, I added a bit of pepper too. The changes even made Chelsea a Tzatziki fan (which was a change).