A collection of family favorite recipes created or curated over the years.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese MuffinsBy Rita's KitchenPumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins – moist pumpkin muffins loaded with pumpkin spice and a rich swirl of cream cheese. These muffins are so perfect for fall! Chelsea found this recipe, and requested these for her birthday, she loved them!!
Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (Steve approved)By Rita's KitchenThis coffee cake is intended to be served warm, but Steve liked it much better the next day after it had been refrigerated. Or maybe it just needed to sit a bit, before he dove into
Garlic Pizza SauceBy Rita's KitchenThis creamy garlic pizza sauce is a delicious, flavorful base for my favorite pizzas, pastas and chicken and sausage dishes.
Zucchini Bread RecipeBy Rita's KitchenThis easy zucchini bread recipe is sweet & incredibly moist because it's made with applesauce & more zucchini & sugar than most recipes.
Farmfresh Apple BreadBy Rita's KitchenThere’s nothing like an apple fritter. Crispy, fruity, spicy, and sweet, they’re a real crowd pleaser, and I’m obsessed with them. Apple fritters are usually fried and loaded with calories. Fortunately, there’s a recipe that gives you all of the apple fritter goodness with a lot fewer calories: country fried apple fritter bread. Since it’s baked, you don’t have to worry about all of the extra fat from deep frying. It’s still an indulgence, but you can feel way less guilty about it.
Bread BowlsBy Rita's KitchenA simple recipe for bread with a minor twist - making bread bowls. Italian bread recipe from Brown Eyed Baker
Easy Crusty French BreadBy Rita's KitchenThis bread is wonderful and the picky husband swears by it. Great as a side, as an appetizer with olive oil, or just warm from the oven with fresh butter.
Coconut Key Lime MuffinsBy Rita's KitchenI made these muffins for Easter. While the original recipe did not call for it, I added the glaze. The glaze adds extra moistness and sweetness.