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A collection of family favorite recipes created or curated over the years.

Grilled Shrimp SkewersBy Rita's KitchenThese grilled shrimp skewers are shrimp marinated in garlic, lemon and herbs, then threaded onto sticks and cooked to perfection. Shrimp kabobs can be on your table in just 20 minutes, which makes them perfect for a busy night!
Deviled EggsBy Rita's KitchenThis classic deviled eggs recipe uses mayo, mustard, sour cream, and a collection of seasonings that makes these the BEST deviled eggs you'll ever eat!
SWEET CHERRY JAMBy Rita's KitchenRecipe makes 6 half pint jars. Ready in approximately 45 minutes, after cherries are pitted....
The BBQ RubBy Rita's KitchenThis recipe was created by the Picky Husband and has become the default rub for most things. Ideal for Tomahawk Steaks, Ribs, and Brisket.
Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake CakeBy Rita's KitchenLemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cake the perfect blueberry dessert for spring and summer! Made with a moist lemon cake dotted with juicy blueberries, blueberry cheesecake and sweet and tangy lemon cream cheese frosting.
Farmfresh Apple BreadBy Rita's KitchenThere’s nothing like an apple fritter. Crispy, fruity, spicy, and sweet, they’re a real crowd pleaser, and I’m obsessed with them. Apple fritters are usually fried and loaded with calories. Fortunately, there’s a recipe that gives you all of the apple fritter goodness with a lot fewer calories: country fried apple fritter bread. Since it’s baked, you don’t have to worry about all of the extra fat from deep frying. It’s still an indulgence, but you can feel way less guilty about it.